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Gamajet launches tank cleaning machine
Contact: Gamajet, 1-877-426-2538

EXTON, Pa. — Gamajet, a provider of tank cleaning technology, has introduced its Gamajet PowerFlex.

The low pressure rotary impingement tank cleaning machine is one-third the size of traditional rotary tank cleaners, according to company officials, who note it is equally as powerful and versatile as the larger models.

PowerFlex features an over-sized sealed gear head that turns and optimizes the machine. By using a larger gear head, company representatives say the machine is capable of much lower pressures and higher flows than other tank cleaning machines.

PowerFlex is capable of cleaning heavily soiled tanks up to 20 feet in diameter, and lightly soiled tanks up to 50 feet in diameter.

In addition, the new tank cleaner is made with all FDA-compliant materials and is designed to be completely self draining and flushing.

Henkel Corp.

Henkel Corp. to unveil new TUFCHEM Tiling Systems at International Dairy Show


LESTER, Pa. — Henkel Corp. has recently launched a new range of U.S.-manufactured tiles under its TUFCHEM Tiling Systems (TTS).

The 3/4-inch thick porcelain tiles with 4 percent recycled content are ideal for food and beverage companies seeking durable, sanitary flooring for their processing facilities, says Steven J. Cloutier, sales specialist with Henkel’s Corrosion Engineering Division.

Cloutier notes that Henkel will be introducing the tile in its booth at the International Dairy Show, held Sept. 19-21 in Atlanta.

Henkel, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry and Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies.

The company’s flooring system has been installed in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing plants, including dairy, cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream and several other processing facilities, he says.

“Ten years ago, Henkel reinvented brick flooring when it introduced TTS in North America,” Cloutier says. “Featuring a combination of impervious European industrial tiles, corrosion-resistant Henkel setting compounds and time-saving installation techniques, TUFCHEM Tiling Systems created instant converts among former acid brick flooring users in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.”

Christine Osborne, business development manager of corrosion and engineering, Henkel, notes that for developers pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the new TUFCHEM tiles have a lot to offer.

“Ceramic tiles automatically qualify for indoor air quality credits, and projects in the vicinity of the tile manufacturing and raw material extraction sites may qualify for regional materials credits,” Osborne says. “Every tile in the product range contains at least 4 percent recycled material, and Henkel plans to expand the range to include tiles with 40 percent recycled content.”

Osborne adds that by choosing from among the more light reflective color options, designers may reduce lighting demand and associated energy consumption.

“I’m very excited to be able to make TUFCHEM Tiling Systems both more sustainable and more accessible to our U.S. clients,” she says. “Shorter lead times and elimination of U.S. Customs delays will make it easier for food, beverage and pharmaceutical processors to choose this low-maintenance flooring for their fast-track projects.”

Hydrite Chemical Co.

Contact: Randy Karcz, director of sales and marketing, Hydrite Chemical Co., 300 North Patrick Boulevard, Brookfield, WI, 53008, 262-792-8741, e-mail:

Hydrite Chemical Co. has introduced two new products in the sanitation category.

Optimax Clean in Place (CIP) Recorder can control both acid and alkaline detergent and sanitizer dispensing on multiple CIP systems simultaneously. Concentrations can be controlled via conductivity or timed feed and displayed on a digital read-out.

Chemical volumes are measured and recorded volumetrically for reporting purposes. Water volumes also are monitored via flowmeter and conductivity of rinses are measured and recorded to help eliminate wasted water and time.
The Optimax also monitors and records valve functioning to help ensure cleanliness. Company officials note proof-of-clean reports are easy to download, print and interpret.

Hydrite Chemical also released its Hydrite Membrane Minder System, designed to control, dispense and record liquid chemicals used for cleaning membranes in a programmed sequence.

The system provides a method of controlling and dispensing products using air actuated pumps and calibrated flow meters with a water flush after each chemical. The push buttons are programmable for dispensing various wash formulas with multiple products, ensuring daily cleaning consistency.

Data is logged and archived so that reports can be generated to monitor costs and the performance of the cleaning operator. The result is uniform cleaning results and longer membrane life, according to company representatives.

Luxcel Biosciences

Luxcel Biosciences offers new innovation for screening bacteria in raw, heated milk


ATLANTA — Luxcel Biosciences, based in County Cork, Ireland, has introduced a new innovation for screening bacteria in raw and pasteurized milk, which it presented to the U.S. industry during the recent 2011 International Dairy Show in Atlanta.

Providing cost-effective benefits and quick results, the company says, its GreenLight range of food safety tests allows for an easy, same-day detection and enumeration of bacteria in food and beverage samples by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption and equating oxygen consumption to microbial load. If the bacteria can breathe, the GreenLight technology can measure and quantify the contamination.

“An increasing appreciation for the importance of food and microbiological safety has resulted in a demand for a rapid high throughput method for bacterial quantification to deal with the increasing number of food samples that require testing,” says AnnMarie Barrett, business operations manager, Luxcel Biosciences. “Food processors will now have a faster, less labor intensive screening method compared to traditional agar methods.”

The company says benefits of GreenLight include: same day results; easy sample preparation; simple “mix and measure” protocols; detection of live bacteria; savings on time, labor, consumables and the need for agar plates; and AOAC certified, license No. 061002.

Luxcel Biosciences was founded in 2002 and has won several industry awards, including the all-Ireland “Young Company of the Year” award and the Small Firms Association (SFA) of Ireland “Innovators of the Year” award. Luxcel’s customers range from leading processed food manufacturers and major global pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology companies.

Marchant Schmidt Inc.

Contact: Marchant Schmidt Inc., MSI Sales Department, 24 West Larsen Drive, Fond du Lac, WI 54937, 920-921-4760, FAX 920-921-9640, e-mail:, website:

The new MSI Industrial washing line, developed for pallets, racks, bins, totes, multi-head weighers and linear feed pans, combines efficiency, productivity and reliability with value and low environmental impact, Marchant Schmidt says. The pallet washers with horizontal or vertical loading have a wide range of available throughputs, an air-knife drying option, and can be fed manually or automatically with stacking and de-stacking options. The rack wash system contains a sealed pit option for maximum sanitation, and the bin washers can be designed with single or twin washing units. The washers include fully-automatic inverting, loading, washing and rinse cycles. The weigh pan washer is for all multi-head weighers and can wash and dry systems for up to 48 weigh pans per cycle.

Nelson-Jameson Inc.

Contact: Dakonya Freis, Nelson-Jamson Inc., 2400 East 5th Street, Marshfield, WI, 54449, 800-826-8302 ext. 1080, e-mail:, color-coded products, Dari-Towls, Purell E3, Rubbmeraid Pulse and AutoFlush Clamp, Carlisle Drain Puller

Contact: Diane Sutton, Nelson-Jameson Inc., 2400 East 5th Street, Marshfield, WI, 54449, 800-826-8302 ext. 1012, e-mail:, Wall Mount Ultimate Foamer, Alpet VersaClenz Dispensers, Colored High-Wall Disinfectant Mats, Foaming Boot Washer


Nelson-Jameson Inc. has introduced several items in the sanitation category including its new orange color-coded products. The line includes products for material handling, janitorial, safety, lab and processing applications. New orange items for material handling include pails, hand and bench scrapers, plastic scoops and shovels, and 10-, 20-, 32- and 44-gallon orange containers. For janitorial and maintenance functions, squeegees, floor brooms, fiberglass and aluminum handles have been added. In addition, a variety of brushes now are offered in orange including wall and deck scrub brushes, floor brushes, bottle brushes, bench and counter brushes, and tank and equipment brushes. Orange items also are available in safety products including tapes, hair nets, bump caps and cable ties. For sanitary processing applications, the company’s offerings include cutlery, gaskets, security seals and nozzles.

The company’s color-coded line also has expanded with a variety of products. REMCO Resin Set Brushes are an alternative to standard staple set brushes. Polyester bristles are affixed to a polypropylene block with food grade resin resulting in no tuft holes for dirt collection or bacteria growth. Additional REMCO items include the Mini Bench Scrapers, designed for tight, narrow areas or bench top applications. Nelson-Jameson also offers REMCO Bench Scrapers, which feature a slotted grip designed to make it easier on the hands and easier to control. In addition, Color Coded Wet Mops are available in cut-end and loop-end styles. The mops have cotton fibers to provide high water absorption while synthetic fibers provide maximum water pick-up. New color-coded items also include Ingredient Bins featuring a clear, sloped top designed for easy identification of contents. The plastic base is color-coded and features 3-inch swivel casters for mobility. The bins have a 25-gallon capacity. The company also has added Solid Fiberglass Handles, which are lightweight and designed for difficult jobs. They are available in black.

Ideal for drying, the new Wausau Paper 47010 Dari-Towls are clean, absorbent and affordable, according to company representatives. The single-use towels are made from 100-percent recycled fibers and offer an alternative for environmentally-conscious dairy farmers.

Additional releases include Purell E3 Rated Foam Hand Sanitizer for FMX manual dispensers. The dispensing option is designed for high moisture and wash down areas. It meets guidelines for use in food processing facilities and is listed with NSF International.

Nelson-Jameson also offers the Rubbermaid Pulse Microfiber Floor Cleaning system. The system is designed to clean more square feet in less time and features microfiber, on-board reservoir and user-controlled release of solution. The trigger handle dispenses the three streams of cleaning solution with each press. The refillable reservoir holds 21 ounces to clean up to 850 square feet.

Also new from Rubbermaid is the AutoFlush Clamp Touch-Free Flushing System. It is designed to ensure urinals and toilets are flushed and presentable. Installation takes 1 minute and there is no need to shut off water. The system fits over existing fixture handles and the AutoFlush Clamp eliminates potential points of cross contamination while preventing odors by ensuring that fixtures flush after every use. Programmable features include daily flush option to prevent sewer gas build up, audio tone to indicate low battery and adjustable sensor range.

New additions also include the Carlisle Drain Puller, which offers a sanitary way to remove drain covers. The drain puller is inserted into the drain, twisted and pulled to remove. It has a white handle for secure grip and one-piece construction for easy sanitizing.

In addition, Nelson-Jameson has introduced its Wall Mount Ultimate Foamer, which features medium volume output. It is designed for foaming applications (food plant sanitation) and foams harder-to-foam chemicals. The foamer also performs well even when water pressure is marginal. The unit is equipped with a 3/4-inch by 50-foot hose and throws foam up to 12 feet. It can cover up to 500 square feet in 1 1/2 minutes.

Also new from Nelson-Jameson are the Alpet VersaClenz Dispensers for E3 Soap and E2 Sanitizers. An all-in-one hand hygiene system, these units dispense a spray, foam, liquid/gel, soap and sanitizer. The universal bottle system allows both automatic and manual styles to hold the same bottle. The VersaClenz system also allows for reduction of SKUs and warehousing needs without any reduction in product options.

The company also has introduced Colored High-Wall Disinfectant Mats. According to company officials, color coding is a great way to keep plant items in the areas in which they are meant to be used and to stop bacterial migration between areas of the plant. The mats are ideal for applications requiring deeper foot immersion with full 2-inch height to guarantee sanitizing solution contacts sole, sides and welt area of boots. Colors include red, yellow, blue and orange.

In addition, Nelson-Jameson has released its Foaming Boot Washer. Its reciprocating flat bottom and side brushes cover more surface than normal rotary brush washers while its side brushes squeeze inward to accommodate boot size. The unit also is air operated and requires no electricity. Sanitation solution is dispensed from spray bars with an integral foam generator.


CNilfisk to unveil new industrial food vacuum


MORGANTOWN, Pa. — Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums will unveil its new food industry vacuum cleaner to attendees at this year’s Process Expo, held Nov. 1-4 in Chicago.

The new Nilfisk CFM T-Series three-phase, continuous duty vacuum cleaners are constructed of heavy duty steel and polypropylene. The T Series is comprised of the T26, T48 and T63. Ideal for collection of powders, liquids, dust and debris, the vacuums are easy to use and maintain, even in the most challenging environments, Nilfisk says.

Nilfisk says features and benefits of the new vacuum series include:

• A manual filter shaker that quickly removes caked-on debris from the filter’s surface, maintaining the vacuum’s maximum suction power and improving productivity;

• An optional HEPA filter to ensure that 99.995 percent of particles are retained, down to and including 0.18 microns in size, exceeding HEPA filter standards; and
• A release lever that lowers the wheeled collection container and acts as a handle for fast and easy disposal of collected debris.
The T26, T48 and T63 are compatible with a wide range of Nilfisk CFM attachments and hoses to meet specific application requirements.

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