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Sharing the stage for 40 years

Susan Quarne

Susan Quarne is publisher of Cheese Market News® and has been overseeing the inner workings and leadership of the publication since its inception in 1981.

I am truly thankful and blessed to be sharing this achievement with all of you as Cheese Market News
celebrates 40 years of publishing. Since our humble beginnings back on March 6, 1981, it has always been my goal to offer a culture of leadership and innovation to help propel this industry to new heights.

I have spent my entire career at CMN pursuing this vision, and I thank the entire industry for supporting me and my staff every step of the way these past four decades.

The cheese industry has learned to embrace change more now than ever before. We have always been an
industry of hard workers and progressive

thinkers behind all the stories and numbers. Here at CMN, we have used our platform to help educate and
inspire. Our weekly coverage is meant to inform and motivate so the industry can continue to make far-reaching decisions.

We are hopeful that our decades-long news coverage, specialty segments and columns have helped you better “connect the dots” and think outside of the box to grow and build stronger alliances. Our goal is to educate and enlighten via insights and experience from industry leaders to help build the cheese business to new heights.

Growth comes in all different shapes and forms. Our industry has been tested more in this last year than ever before, and you have shined brightly and come out on top. Leaders at every company and industry organization took immediate action to regroup and “get the job done.” CMN was at your side reporting on your leadership as adjustments were made to overcome adversity and “take care of our own.”

Most companies embraced countless acts of kindness with donations and assistance to help the country and world’s need for our healthy products. We gave endlessly to help feed the hungry and donate our time and resources and products so that consumers were assured the pipeline of nutritious milk and cheese were available. The quick turn to retail versus foodservice sectors was no less than amazing. Our newspaper was filled with positive decisions to “right the ship” when so much was going wrong.

All of this hard work and dedication adds up and builds on itself. That is why I am so proud to be a part of this dynamic industry. There is much more to be done, and every milestone deserves credit, so please allow me to share the stage with you for the coming decades as well.

We have much to celebrate in each other, and we are excited to keep sharing ideas of the future that don’t even exist right now. We are at our best when we all step up and work together. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and make a difference in 2021 and beyond.

Please stay safe, be well and thank you again for everything. As Jerry Dryer would always say. . .Cheers!


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